Spa rituals are a worship of nature, harmony and beauty. Rituals that tone the body and calm the mind, cleanse, relax, help to restore strength and spiritual balance.

Soothing atmosphere, unique wax room, fragrance of essential oils, rich natural textures and products from the best cosmeceutical brands will give you an unforgettable impressions from the procedures.

Care programs

Luxurious body care programs help to preserve youth, restore relief and elasticity, give radiance and silkiness to the face and body skin. A unique combination of care ingredients, weightless textures and original massage techniques will allow to plunge into absolute bliss.


Professional masseurs will give you moments of magical relaxation. Feel a surge of strength and energy.

SPA body treatments (wraps)

Magic rituals of harmony and bliss.
Experienced specialists will "tune" your body. Muscles will relax, discomfort in the joints will disappear, and the skin will become smoother and more tender.

Each treatment begins and ends with a soothing tea party and gives unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Facial skin care services

Rituals of sensuality, beauty and bliss.
Exclusive anti-aging treatments for face, neck and décolleté. Luxurious aromas, melting textures and innovative formulas of care products give pleasure and lasting visible effect from the procedures.

Express care

Be always in shape and preserve the beauty of your body with massage, lymphatic drainage and effective care treatments. These procedures will strengthen the protective functions of the body, help with detoxication, restore the energy potential of the body, and improve skin condition.

SPA with steaming

Modern interpretation of ancient bathing traditions.
Russian bath relieves muscle pain. The pleasing heat of the steam room helps to treat such ailments as radiculitis, neuritis, ischias, and gout. Helps to reduce salt deposits in joints, cartilage and tendons. Trains the cardiovascular system well. Steam bath is also useful in diabetes, bladder pains, urinary difficulty, stomach and liver diseases. After the bath, the skin becomes younger, becomes pink, soft and elastic. Even sluggish, dry skin straightens out and acquires a new vitality after regular bath procedures.

Group programs

The SPA centre offers the guests superior relaxation areas.
Here one can relax before a massage, drink a cup of herbal tea, set oneself up for relaxation, enjoy the time of well-deserved idleness and rest, as well as get a powerful boost of energy from active movement and physical activity in the mineral water pool.

Cozy space, premium service and the experience of "Priozerny" health resort team deserve the title of one of the best SPA spaces in Belarus!

SPA centre is open from 9:30 to 21:00 daily
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