Women's health is a very complex, multifaceted and fragile system that requires regular care at any age.
Our professional, attentive and sensitive doctor will help to resolve issues of a very different delicate nature: from treatment of infections to help with infertility.

Health resort gynecologist carries out various diagnostics:
Ultrasound, video colposcopy, mammography
selection of treatment for various gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted infections
gynecological irrigations in a special “Unbescheiden” tub, procedures with mineral and ozonized water, vaginal applications with Saki mud, gynecological massage
radio wave treatment of cervical erosion using "Surgitron" device
contraception selection
research on latent infections, microflora, oncocytology, liquid cytology
pregnancy preparation

Reception is conducted by a qualified 1st category obstetrician-gynecologist Ariya Natalya Sergeevna

Advisory reception

Conversation, examination, complaints identification, preparation of individual examination plan, observation and treatment.


Pelvic ultrasound;
Fetal ultrasound;
Ultrasound of the mammary glands with peripheral lymph nodes;
Digital video colposcopy;
Electrical impedance computed mammography using "Mammoscreen" device.

Treatment of cervical diseases

cervix radio wave coagulation;
cervix radio wave excision;
removal of cervical polyps;
radiopuncture of cervical cysts;
cervix radio wave biopsy.

Laboratory research

taking and examining swabs for flora;
taking and examining smears for flora;
taking and examining smears for oncocytology;
cytological examination of the mammary gland secret;
PCR tests for STDS;
histological examination of cervical biopsies;
histological examination of aspirates from the uterine cavity;
blood test for sex hormones.

Treatment procedures

vaginal applications with Saki Lake sulfide mud;
gynecological irrigation with herbs in a special "Unbescheiden" tub (Germany);
ozonated water baths;
mineral water baths;
gynecological massage;
vaginal magnetic laser therapy using "Rikta" device;
mastopathy treatment using "Rikta" device;
microclysters with "Endogem";
ointment applications, tampons with various ointments;
intimate fitness classes with Colpo Train cones.


IUD insertion or removal

Aesthetic gynecology

Plasmolifting is a unique procedure based on the method of injection of own platelets enriched plasma into the mucous membrane tissues of the cervix, vagina and vulva in order to stimulate recovery processes and rejuvenation.

Reception is conducted by a qualified 1st category obstetrician-gynecologist Ariya Natalya Sergeevna

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