For each of our guests, we select an individual set of cosmetic procedures that increase the skin resistance to the adverse effects of external environmental factors, and give it a radiant and fresh look.

Guests are offered services of highly effective and painless machine cosmetology: radiofrequency lifting, Venus Legacy radiofrequency lifting, non-injection therapy.

Venus Legacy Radiofrequency Lifting

Venus Legacy is designed for safe and effective treatments for body contouring, cellulite reduction, sagging skin lifting and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the face and body. The procedures are comfortable and do not require a recovery period.
This device combines the effects of multipolar radio frequencies and pulsed electromagnetic fields to heat the tissue. This process naturally contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as to the reduction of fat cells. At the same time, adjustable impulse suction (VariPulse vacuum function) allows to gently lift the skin, so that energy is delivered deeper, and procedures are more comfortable and more effective.
As a result, the body looks leaner and more defined, the skin looks more toned, and cellulite almost disappears.

Radiofrequency Lifting

Radiofrequency lifting is a revolutionary method of non-invasive skin rejuvenation, which by natural cell stimulation leads to long-term skin tightening in those areas where there is a loss of elasticity and tissue tone.
Radio frequency lifting is a unique procedure for non-surgical lifting of the soft tissues of the face and body, as well as an effective means of getting rid of excess fat deposits and cellulite.

Face and body non-injection mesotherapy using "Infusion" device

FACE AND BODY MESOTHERAPY USING INFUSION DEVICE is a non-invasive, fast, safe and highly effective therapy, an alternative to classical mesotherapy without using a needle! To date, non-injection mesotherapy using INFUSION device is presented in more than a thousand cosmetology and medical centers in Europe, Canada and America! This method is ideal for both face and body treatments.

Areas of application of Infusion device:

  • Anti-aging (rejuvenating) therapeutic programs;
  • Skin tone and elasticity improvement, sagging reduction;
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis in the dermis;
  • Improved hydration of all layers of the epidermis and dermis;
  • Treatment of localized fat deposits, cellulite of various types, stretch marks;
  • Wrinkle reduction and face lifting;
  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation;
  • Treatment of dark circles and under-eye bags;
  • Preparation to and rehabilitation after surgical operations, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing.
Radiofrequency lifting using Indiba Activ CT9 device

Thanks to the procedure, the following effects are achieved:

- Natural renewal and rejuvenation
- Pain relief and tissue regeneration
- Muscle and skin tone improvement
- Collagen synthesis stimulation
- Metabolism acceleration
- Visible lifting effect

Vacuum-roller massage using ICOONE – Н device

- eliminates puffiness
- smoothes wrinkles
- improves the overall condition of the skin
- models the oval of the face
- removes "loose jowls" and fat deposits on the face
- tightens the skin
- improves blood circulation and skin oxygenation
- in the décolleté and neck area smoothes the "Venus rings", tightens and improves the condition of the skin

The procedure is prescribed by the therapist, it is held in room 40 of the Medical building

Face care programs
Skin diagnostics with Skin Smart
Skin restoration from oxidative damage
Skin elasticity improvement
Restoration of radiant skin
Lifting effect
Reduction of redness, signs of irritation and foci of couperosis
Capillary walls tone improvement
Normalization of microcirculation and restoration of the skin barrier
Moisturizing and soothing of the skin
Increase of resilience to stress
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action
Ultrasonic face cleaning using Microsonic device
Care for sensitive skin, skin with couperosis and rosacea, even for pregnant women

The beauty parlors offer various massage techniques: Ahabadze, classical, metabolic, lymphatic drainage, which can be used as the main tool for the prevention of skin aging, as well as an effective addition to rejuvenation and restoration of health and skin radiance.

With the help of massage, the flow of fluids is improved: the outflow of lymph is normalized, and as a result, swelling disappears.

Blood flow is activated, all the necessary microelements, oxygen are supplied, and this starts the regeneration processes, qualitatively changes the structure and condition of the muscles and skin of the face for the better.

Eyelash tinting, eyebrow correction and tinting, depilation services are also provided.

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