"Priozerny" health resort is located on the coast of the largest in Belarus and one of the largest in Europe, Naroch Lake, has a modern medical base, rich infrastructure. The guests of the health resort an ultra-modern medical base, cozy rooms, delicious cuisine, varied leisure activities.

"Priozerny" health resort is a place where you can not treat, but prevent diseases, harmonize and restore body internal resources, improve the quality of life and slow down the aging process.

Clinical and diagnostic laboratory of "Priozerny" health resort offers a wide range of services, including general clinical, biochemical, immunochemical studies.

When to see a urologist?
Both men and women, with age, develop conditions when close supervision of a urologist is necessary. Men over 45 are at risk of developing a disease such as prostate cancer, so timely contact with a specialist, regular examinations of the body will help not only to identify a possible problem at an early stage and stop its development, but also completely prevent its occurrence.

When should you see a neurologist?
All symptoms and conditions related to the function of the brain or spinal cord are the responsibility of a neurologist – the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with these organs is what a neurologist does.

The symptoms that should be addressed to a neurologist include disturbing manifestations of disorders of the nervous system.

Recovery for making right decisions and entering the resource state.

Women's health is a very complex, multifaceted and fragile system that requires regular care at any age.
Our professional, attentive and sensitive doctor will help to resolve issues of a very different delicate nature: from treatment of infections to help with infertility.

Our mission is to create absolute comfort for the Guest and provide high-quality dental care.

The perfect moment to take the time to create a beautiful healthy smile!

For each of our guests, we select an individual set of cosmetic procedures that increase the skin resistance to the adverse effects of external environmental factors, and give it a radiant and fresh look.

Time spent with family is priceless! Going on vacation to the shore of the largest lake in the purest picturesque corner of Belarus is a great option for a joint holiday!

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222395, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region,
Myadel district, health resort area Naroch, 21 Peschanaya St.
UNP (TIN) 690000007, registration authority - Myadel District Executive Committee

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