"Priozerny" health resort is a place where you can not treat, but prevent diseases, harmonize and restore body internal resources, improve the quality of life and slow down the aging process.


It is carried out using a 12-channel digital electrocardiograph "Intecard" - a digital computer system for diagnosing and predicting life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

Screening and automatic determination of blood parameters

AMP non-invasive blood formula analyzer is designed for screening and automatic non-invasive determination of biochemical and hemodynamic blood parameters based on the results of changes in the temperature of biologically active points on the human body surface and processing these results with a specialized program. AMP is designed for express diagnostics and allows to get a clinical blood test within 180-720 seconds without sampling.


Echocardiography in B- and M-modes: in pulsed wave, continuous wave, color Doppler mode.

Duplex Scanning

Scanning of the brachiocephalic arteries is a study of the vessels that supply blood to the brain tissues and organs of the neck and upper shoulder girdle.

Duplex scanning of arteries and veins of the lower extremities.

Spirometry (spirography)

Spirometry is an affordable and very informative method for assessing the functional state of the lungs and bronchi, airway patency by measuring the volume and speed of exhaled air.

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