Rehabilitation after COVID

Increase of the body resistance to viral infections and reduction of the risk of disease manifestations;
Improvement of lung function, prevention of complications of upper respiratory tract diseases;
Recovery of vitality after COVID-19;
Duration of stay-starts from 6 nights.

"Classic" voucher with treatment

Increase of the body overall resistance;
Immunity strengthening;
Restoration of the body energy and reduction of symptoms of physical and emotional stress;

Voucher for musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases treatment

Restoration of joint mobility;
Reduction of pain syndrome and severity of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
Improvement of the movement quality, and hence the standard of living;

Voucher for cardiovascular system diseases treatment

Increase of resistance to physical stress;
Improvement of the cardiovascular system;
Reduction of the risk of disease symptoms manifestations;

Voucher for digestive system diseases treatment

Strengthening of metabolic and oxidative processes;
Anti-inflammatory action;
Carbohydrate metabolism improvement;
Cholesterol levels reduction;

Voucher for nervous system diseases treatment

Removal of nervous and emotional stress;
Restoration of resistance to stress;
Improvement of well-being, sleep quality;

Voucher for respiratory diseases treatment

Reduction of the main signs of upper respiratory tract diseases, undue tiredness;
Reduction of risk factors for the development of concomitant diseases and complications;
Improvement of general well-being, immunity improvement;

Voucher without treatment

Restoration of vitality;
Sleep and well-being improvement;
Improvement of fitness to work;

The initial consultation is carried out during the first day of stay in the health resort.

Treatment and rehabilitation procedures are prescribed taking into account medical indications and contraindications

A voucher with treatment requires a sanatorium and health resort card form or an abstract of outpatient medical record.

A unique combination of an ultra-modern treatment facility and an inspiring location
Swimming pool with sauna complex

The aquatic environment is the most productive and gentle way to influence muscles and joints. A visit to the swimming pool is included in every program so that you can enjoy your rest and restore your body.

Special micro-climate of the resort

Guests of the resort can visit coniferous forest on the coast of Lake Naroch. The unique natural resources and the exceptional landscape of Naroch region have long attracted tourists here.

Modern therapy

Here you can undergo diagnostic examinations, get medical consultations and cosmetic services, as well as a unique sanatorium-resort recovery based on the doctor's recommendations and your own wishes.
An individual approach and a personal schedule will make it easy to combine procedures and treatment programs with an unforgettable vacation in the Belarusian resort. With the help of the latest and most effective methods and procedures aimed at strengthening of health and immunity, our guests receive a powerful boost of vitality and energy.

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222395, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region,
Myadel district, health resort area Naroch, 21 Peschanaya St.
UNP (TIN) 690000007, registration authority - Myadel District Executive Committee

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