Recovery for making right decisions and entering the resource state.

Psychotherapy is not only an instrument of classical psychiatry. It can also be useful for guests with chronic back pain, sleep disorders and headaches, myocardial infarction, gastrointestinal tract diseases. And also for completely healthy people who are in a difficult situation or decide to change their lives.

Psychotherapist office provides the following services
Individual psychotherapy
Group and family psychotherapy
Child psychotherapy
Psychotherapy in sexology
Psychotherapy in dietetics
Sessions of hardware psychotechnologies (audiovisual stimulation using AVS-D device, RADIUS-01 KRANIO device)

Radius-01 Cranio device allows to carry out the main types of transcranial electrotherapy (TET), which have proven themselves in medical practice. TET is a method of neurotropic therapy, which consists in exposing the central nervous system (CNS) of a person to pulsed currents of low frequency and low strength.

Thus, TET, acting directly on the central nervous system, indirectly improves the mental and physical state of the organism as a whole, eliminating the consequences of psychological overload and various types of pathological addiction. By optimizing a number of metabolic reactions involved in the energy supply of body tissues, TET enhances regenerative processes that accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries.

The audiovisual stimulation device AVS-D will help to get rid of psychosomatic symptoms

Effective for:

sleep normalization;
improvement of memory and attention;
increase of working capacity;
fight against bad habits;
relief of pain of any nature;
overcoming the state of nervous exhaustion;
relieving chronic fatigue and the consequences of stress;
allows to achieve quick relaxation.
Indications for the use of AVS-D device:

Obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Phobic disorders.
Anxiety disorders.
Somatoform nervous system dysfunction.
Stress-related conditions, adjustment disorders.
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
Non-organic insomnia.
Affective disorders.
Asthenic syndromes, including after somatic and infectious diseases.
Psychotropics addictions.
Initial forms of chronic cerebrovascular diseases.

"Healthy sleep" program

Refreshing and restorative sleep is the basis of well-being and productive activities during the day. If a person does not recover in sleep, then this can lead to emotional, psychological and mental disorders, as well as social consequences.

"Healthy sleep" program includes:

- study of the clinical features of pathological sleep conditions;
- identification of the sleep disorders causes;
- improvement of the sleep quality;
- restoration of the body reserve capacity.

"Healthy intestine" program

The intestine is the second brain and it is it, together with the central nervous system, that controls all the main functions of the body. The health of the body and the production of energy for a harmonious life directly depend on a healthy intestine.

80% of serotonin, feel-good hormone, is produced in the intestine, but for this, the intestine should be maintained in a healthy state.
Our main task is not to bring the body to a state of illness, but to create conditions under which the body is always in a state of balance. This is well helped by taking care of the intestine through regular cleansing and a rational, enriched diet. All this is aimed at a comprehensive improvement of the human body through care for the gastrointestinal tract and optimization of the digestive process at all its stages.

"Sexual Harmony" program

A person is born with a certain physiological sexual potential, then sexuality is formed within the individual life experience.
Sexuality is the driving force of human social activity, since it is aimed at achieving not only sexual satisfaction, but also a socio-psychological state, designated as “happiness”, to improve the quality of life.

"School of slenderness" program

"School of slenderness" is the main initial part of "Doctor Bormental" program.
This is the "foundation" for your normal weight and health.
After the "School", you will embark on the path of slenderness.

"Child harmonious development" program

It is known that the earlier the problem of a child's mental development is identified, the easier it is to eliminate (minimize) it. Sources of information about the possible presence of such a problem can be: behavior, self-care skills, motor skills, the appearance of the child, facial expressions, neatness, speech and vocabulary, meaningful execution of instructions and manners of communication. At each age, children have certain manifestations (markers) of possible mental illness, which parents should pay attention to.

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