All programs include basic services set
accommodation in a room of the selected category
3 buffet-style meals a day
drinking of mineral water from own source
mass cultural events participation
drinking of ozonated water
Kneipp path (in summer) – daily
salt cooling tower (in summer) – daily
bathrobe in the room
duration of stay – 6 nights / 7 days
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Program for relaxation, health improvement and quick vitality recovery!
Perfectly selected sets of procedures that have a complex effect on the external and internal state of the body, allow to achieve the main goal of the program: high-quality restorative rest and relaxation.
Program result: stress elimination, health promotion, appearance and mood improvement.

Energy without borders

The program includes several components of impact on the general condition of the organism:

  • Aromatic influence, phytotherapy, Russian steaming
  • Hydrotherapy, massage, detox with ION CLEANSE, spa rituals
  • Healthy nutrition and a complex of physical activities in gym, swimming pool and outdoors as a therapy element.

The result of the program is an increase in energy levels, stress and chronic fatigue relief, tone and mood improvement.

Luxurious VIP programs
Аll inclusive

We recommend this program for those who are accustomed to a vacation filled with spa treatments and services. It successfully combines luxurious facial and body care programs, detox procedures and procedures for strengthening the protective functions of the organism.
The program results in improvement in appearance and well-being, restoration of tone and and vital energy of the body, strengthening of immunity.

Unique conditions for health improvement
Special micro-climate of the resort

Guests of the resort can visit coniferous forest on the coast of Lake Naroch. The unique natural resources and the exceptional landscape of Naroch region have long attracted tourists here.

Gym and general strengthening techniques

Programs include exercise therapy or gym classes, breathing practices and yoga. Available and specially selected practices act both on the physical and mental levels, help to cope with stress, improve the quality of life.

Swimming pool with sauna complex

The aquatic environment is the most productive and gentle way to influence muscles and joints. A visit to the swimming pool is included in every program so that you can enjoy your rest and restore your body.

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