Expected effect:
improvement of chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child
hormones normalization
pelvic adhesions resorption
chronic diseases remission
improvement of the life quality in the pre- and menopausal period
cleansing, healing, rejuvenation of the body
emotional state improvement
Women Health

Women health is a very broad concept, which includes not only body and appearance care, but also an attentive attitude to the work of internal organs, which together gives the beautiful half of humanity excellent well-being and unfading charm.

Women harmony

Women often note that in order to reveal femininity, sexuality, a sense of happiness, attractiveness, it is important to have inner harmony, which is a source of energy, love and joy.

"Priozerny" health resort offers a unique program "Women's Harmony" for effective recovery and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Healthy mom – healthy baby

The birth of a child is the greatest happiness in the life of every woman. But this is also a colossal responsibility to the future person. As a rule, in our society, only 10% of couples think about prepariation for conception, but more and more often, a conscious approach to planning a child has recently become relevant.

The program is intended for treatment of tubal and endocrine infertility, prepariation for a successful pregnancy and childbirth.

Secrets of the Orient

The secret that many women would like to know is how to preserve their natural beauty for many years. Oriental beauty secrets are the rejection of bad habits, good nutrition, and healthy normal sleep.
Prevention is the strategy of modern medicine. The key to women health, including reproductive health, is properly selected health resort treatment.
Health resort doctors have developed an effective program that successfully combines the achievements of modern gynecology and alternative medicine; there are no analogues of the program in any health resort in Belarus. The program is intended for treatment of various gynecological diseases, tubal and endocrine infertility, as well as preparation for a successful pregnancy and childbirth.

Women happiness. Standard

Women happiness is not some point, and not a moment, it is a process of enjoying every minute lived.
The program is ideal for metropolitan women leading an active professional and social life. The program will allow to relax, check up health, determine the course and start recreation.

Women happiness. Standard PLUS

High-intensity and very rich 3-day program, which will become a powerful impulse to reboot the body.

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